The Presidents of the USA

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Age of USA Presidents

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1. The Young

Youngest US Presidents

age at inauguration day
Theodore Roosevelt42
John F. Kennedy43
Bill Clinton46
Ulysses S. Grant46
Barack Obama47
Grover Cleveland47
Franklin Pierce48
James Garfield49
James K. Polk49
Millard Fillmore50
Calvin Coolidge51
William Taft51
Chester Arthur51
Franklin D. Roosevelt51

Youngest at Retirement

(the youngest ex-presidents)
Theodore Roosevelt50
Franklin Pierce53
James K. Polk53
Millard Fillmore 53
John Tyler 53
Ulysses S. Grant54
Bill Clinton54
Chester Arthur54
William Taft55
Barack Obama55
Jimmy Carter56
Calvin Coolidge57

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Average Age at Inauguration

Average Age at inaugaration 55.0 yrs
avg. inaug.age - 18th cent.59.0 yrs
avg. inaug.age - 19th cent.54.7 yrs
avg. inaug.age - 20th cent.54.6 yrs
avg. inaug.age - 21st cent.57.0 yrs
2. The Old

Oldest US Presidents

age at inauguration day
Donald Trump70
Ronald Reagan69
William H. Harrison68
James Buchanan65
George H. W. Bush64
Zachary Taylor64
Dwight Eisenhower62
John Adams61
Andrew Jackson61
Gerald R. Ford61
Harry S Truman60

Oldest at Retirement

(age at the end of presidency; in other words, the oldest presidents in the White House)
Ronald Reagan77
Dwight Eisenhower70
Andrew Jackson69
James Buchanan69
Harry S Truman68
George H. W. Bush68
James Monroe66
Thomas Jefferson65
James Madison65
John Adams65


Average Age at Retirement

Average Age at retirement 60.6 yrs
avg. retirement age -18th cent.65.0 yrs
avg. retirement age -19th cent.59.5 yrs
avg. retirement age - 20th cent.61.6 yrs
avg. retirement age - 21st cent.58.5 yrs

Note: Those who died while still presidents do not count

3. Life & Death

Assassinated USA Presidents

date of death
Abraham LincolnApr 15, 1865
James GarfieldSep 19, 1881
William McKinleySep 14, 1901
John F. KennedyNov 22, 1963

Presidents who died while serving in Office

(not by assassination)
date of death
William Henry HarrisonApr  4, 1841
Zachary TaylorJul  9, 1850
Warren HardingAug  2, 1923
Franklin D.RooseveltApr 12, 1945


Longest Lived Presidents

Gerald Ford93 †Dec 26, 2006
Ronald Reagan93†Jun  5, 2004
George H.W. Bush93
Jimmy Carter92
John Adams90†Jul  4, 1826
Herbert Hoover90†Oct 20, 1964
Harry Truman88†Dec 26, 1972
James Madison85†Jun 28, 1836
Thomas Jefferson83†Jul  4, 1826


Average Lifespan of Presidents

Average Lifespan 71.9 yrs
avg. lifespan -18th cent.79.5 yrs
avg. lifespan -19th cent.69.0 yrs
avg. lifespan -20th cent.74.8 yrs
avg. lifespan without the assassinated73.3 yrs

Note: The presidents of the 21st century are not included in this calculation.

4. Retirement

The longest retired Presidents

(presidents with the longest retirement)
retirement years
Jimmy Carter37.0
Herbert Hoover31.7
Gerald R. Ford30.0
John Adams25.4
George H. W. Bush25.0
Martin Van Buren21.4
Millard Fillmore21.0
Harry S Truman20.0
Richard Nixon19.7
James Madison19.3
John Quincy Adams19.0


The shortest retired Presidents

(presidents with the shortest retirement)
retirement years
James K. Polk0.3
Chester A. Arthur1.7
George Washington2.8
Woodrow Wilson2.9
Calvin Coolidge3.8
Lyndon B. Johnson4.0
James Monroe6.3